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Roof Replacements in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT

If you take care of your roof through proper maintenance, then your roof can last for years without any need for work beyond a minor repair or two. However, over time, your roof’s quality will degrade due to environmental factors and the passage of time. If you have a roof inspection by trustworthy roofing contractors and you’re told that you need a roof replacement, make sure you contact our reliable team of roofing specialists for your roof replacement in the Salt Lake City or Sandy, UT area. At Clean Cut Roofing, we have years of expertise in replacing all kinds of roofing: from metal roofing to flat roofs, we’ll ensure your new roof will last for decades to come. Reach out to our roofing experts if you’re looking for reliable roofing replacements near you today!

Why should I replace my roof?

There are different benefits available when you replace your roof. A new roof makes your home easier to sell and increases its overall value, and new roofs provide an average return on investment of up to 70%, easily making them one of the best home improvement projects around. A new roof will have the latest technology available, making your home both energy efficient and cost effective: your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard with less air leaking out, letting you save money on your energy bills. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, when our Salt Lake City roofing contractors install your new roof for you, you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing your roof will last for years to come!

Preparation tips

If you’ve scheduled a roof replacement with us, it’s important to make sure that you prepare your home for your new roof. While we can assist you and will double check everything before getting started, here are some tips if you want to get a head start. It’s important to cover all household items so they’re protected from debris. From furniture to clothing, it all needs to be covered so your items remain safe and unscathed. If you have an attic, it’s recommended to remove the items if possible. If not, cover them so they’re protected from the shingles, tar paper, and other materials that will fall down during the roof replacement process. You’ll also need to move any outside furniture around your home, as it could be damaged by falling debris. This includes patio furniture, potted plants, and anything else you don’t want damaged. Finally, remove satellite dishes or antennas, and park your car down the street or out of your driveway. Once this is done, we can get to work replacing your roof!

Our roof replacement procedure

At Clean Cut Roofing, our roofing contractors take care of the entire roof replacement procedure. We’ll remove all old shingles or roofing material, inspect the roof, prepare the roof surface for your new roof, and then install your new roofing material! Of course, when we’re done, we make sure to thoroughly clean your entire home so it’s just as clean as it was when we started, and then provide one final inspection. Most importantly, we offer free estimates before we get started—so reach out for more info!

For a free estimate, call us at (801) 432-8282.

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