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Just What is Residential Re-Roofing from Clear Cut?

Residential re-roofing is the process of installing a new layer of shingles on top of an existing set. It is a much quicker process involving less work and materials, making the service a cost-effective short-term solution. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, generally 20-25 years, and is in reasonably good shape, then this process is a great idea to expand its durability for a few more years. You can hold off on buying a whole new roof, and it gives you a better idea as to when you will need to replace it entirely. Our team assists by completing a roof inspection and guiding you through the process to make the best decision for your home and your wallet.

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Clean Cut’s Steps for Residential Re-Roofing

While residential re-roofing may look complicated, you can bet the highly trained professionals with Clean Cut Roofing know precisely how to efficiently and effectively get in and out with this service. Here are the steps our team will take when giving you a residential re-roofing:


We will begin by laying tarp around the home to protect the lawn from falling shingles. It also protects your siding. We put tarp on the roof, as well, to help keep it from absorbing excess moisture while we work.

Removing Shingles

While we generally place new shingles on top of the existing ones, we will remove troubled ones and replace them as well.

Installing Shingles

After that, we will begin laying new shingles. We place nails in the overlap that will go through the previous layer. This process is the reason why we can only perform this service once. If you try to re-roof again, the nails may not go all the way through to the wood for stable placement.

Post Residential Re-Roofing Inspection

Finally, we will give your roof a new inspection to ensure all layers of shingles are in place, and we didn’t miss any nails.

When Residential Re-Roofing is Not a Good Idea

Lifting your existing shingles off of your roof will help us get to the bottom of the issues facing your roof. When we provide your home with a residential re-roof, we simply add new shingles on the existing ones to help with minor leaks and holes. We don’t get down to the roof deck itself to see any underlying problems. Re-roofing merely covers over the issue and doesn’t get to the root. If you are thinking of only re-roofing a portion of your roof, you may want to think again. You would then create an uneven balance in the structure of your roof allowing moisture or critters to get access in the weak spots.

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